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New shoes to brighten my Monday

I’m so happy to see these photos documented like this! Friends in Wisconsin, keep riding to work and taking photos. Start using #trekcommute?

Now, someone please send me a copy!


You can’t make this stuff up.

Seems like the weather is perfect everywhere today. Thanks for the photo, girlfriend!


Beautiful morning commute with @alexrapplegate (at Chicken Lips)

Best commute photo

Foggy Monday commute curtesy of Michael Mayer


Almost 30 degrees and no brutal wind. Finally a nice commute to work! @abbylwatson

This looks hopeful! Spring at last in Wisconsin?

The tiny bit of snow I rode through today is nothing compared to this 6 degree commute in Wiso. Alex Applegate in snowpants and sneakers, so typical. Miss you guys, but not that weather. Thanks for the photo, Blondie!

From this morning in wisco; not sure how cold it was, but it looks nice to me!


Winter commute. No snow. For @abbylwatson

So happy to see this commute photo thing live on. Looks like a nice (and dry!) morning.

Foggy morning in Wisco, stay safe out there Anders! Get your Hi Viz Gilet yet?


For @abbylwatson Cold morning commute #biketowork #winterishere

Tailwind and a beautiful sunrise to kick off November in Wisco

I could go for a cold but dry Wisconsin commute.

Despite my jealousy that Wisco is 20 degrees warmer than Oregon today, this photo still makes me smile.