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Oh hey, @jeremyddunn. Thanks for making me climb Moreland today.

girls and bikes


Growing up, I was not an athlete. There were innumerable participation ribbons in my trash. I ran track for the bus rides to other schools where maybe there existed boys who actually wanted to kiss me. I never broke a 7-minute mile even as a teenager. As an adult, I’m lucky to break 10 minutes. I pass up company kick-ball games out of sheer embarrassment of my own athletic abilities. And then, something changed in July of 2012, and it happened when I bought a bike.

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@collynahart I agree with Kelton; I think your sentiment on beginners is exclusive and detrimental. Instead, we should show women of all levels that, as Kelton says, "they can ride, they can race, and they can win.” Everyone starts somewhere. 

Next week I set off on an adventure to challenge myself, inspire women to ride and meet some amazing women. I cannot wait, thank you @rapha_n_america for the opportunity.


A little local bike riding before the show starts. #bigairpearbear #NAHBS2014 Thanks to Trek and Charlotte B-Cycle for letting us “use” your bikes.

You guys :)

Nail woes

Today was all awesome with it’s bare knees, Dixie Mountain road, volcano views and blue sky.


A crew member will wake the shark by wagging its tail.

What it’s like to spend 15 minutes on a boat deck with a great white shark.


My 5 tips (for any cyclist)

I was recently asked to put together my top 5 tips to help women become better cyclists, and here’s what I came up with. However, I don’t think these tips are specific to women, or to novice riders. This exercise was a good reminder for me, and I hope you find these tips useful regardless of gender or experience. 

1 - Ride with people who are faster and more experienced

2 - Set a goal, rope in some friends and make a plan to get there. (fitness, skills, bike maintenance, anything)

3 - Explore. Ride new routes, look at maps, do new things.
4 - Take pride in how you look. It might seem trivial, or vain, but I think it’s helpful. Details and quality matter when it comes to what you choose to wear and the brands you support.
5 - If you fail, try again. Nothing will make you stronger.

Sadly, this was not the top.

Full service (at dalles mt road)

This bag always makes me smile

We had some fun today, merci @krasniakjulie! (at Henry Hagg Lake)

Weekend cycling bender, off to an early start.