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Portland, OR // Riding bikes, playing outside, Z dogs, painting my nails, eating good food and drinking too much coffee.

PORTLAND LADIES: tomorrow, join @speithman for a women’s ride from Rapha’s office at 5:30 pm. Keep these weekly rides on your calendar to get ready for #womens100 on July 20th! If you need more miles, join me for a training ride on June 29th. More details soon.

Yep, showers sure were scattered

Viscously biting leaves out the window, a fun game for everyone. (at 1910)

Never one to celebrate Father’s Day, but always game for a family adventure. I love the lot of you.

We’re Oakridge for the weekend, crammed into a budget hotel room (complete with kitchenette!) and riding bikes. Tacky dirt and good weather bodes well for a fun three days in one of my favorite places in Oregon.

❤️ (at Alpine )


Good night out at Tabor for all!

Ha! Caught giving Ed a high five in one of these

It’s no Blitz, but I still had some fun racing bikes this evening at Tabor. And my blues and greens were good and matchy, that helps.

Hood River Enduro

Last weekend was the first Oregon Enduro Series race in Hood River. For me, it was basically like going for a really awesome group ride where no one in the group has to navigate or deal with logistics. I had a blast riding with some truly amazing ladies but I wouldn’t say I rode my fastest or even felt like I was competing. I have to figure out how to flip that switch and turn it into something more than just a fun group ride if I’m ever going to be competitive in this format of racing. Or I can just keep mountain biking. Either way I’m happy, except for the whole mid-stage-bee-sting thing, that was lame and my leg still hurts. 

Pro ladies all a blur on the final stage of @oregonenduro


The boss of mt biking pinning it into the finish of stage 6

It’s always a good day when I get to ride with @stingey

Here we go! Day two of @oregonenduro

Today’s ride was beautiful, but I failed to take photos of anything other than @youngcynthia ‘s rad van