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That crosswind today called for teamwork and I’m happy to say day 3 of #raphatoc is in the books!

Day 3 of #raphatoc is going to be tough, but @krasniakjulie is looking calm. 90 some miles and 13,000’ of climbing here we come!

TOC Day 2

Today felt easy despite the 78 miles and 6,700’ of climbing. My body felt good, spirits were high in our group, and conditions were, for the most part, the definition of perfect. My mind was really quiet and I felt strong and confident. We finished by descending Angels Crest highway, which was cool to ride again. Despite a headwind, it was equally as wonderful today as it was during the RGR. Today’s confidence is overshadowed a bit by the elevation profile of tomorrow’s stage, but I know I can ride 90 miles and I know I can climb 13,000 feet. This is all such a great experiment in doing new things and pushing my limits and I’m excited to see how I hold up. 

Riding a steady wheel with a tailwind made the first portion of today’s climb feel like a dream

Day 2 of #raphatoc is in the books! @raelambo is out here riding by day and studying by night to finish her MBA in May. She’s a badass who somehow does it all with a smile.

#raphatoc day 2 got off to a rough start. We got a little lost and were in the fog, but now we’re in the sun and back on track.

Rapha TOC Day 1

Just a few quick notes on today…

  • My legs are tough, my shoulders are weak. 
  • My Domane descends incredibly and I love the Decker Canyon descent.
  • Those who longboard down mountains simultaneously terrify and amazing me.
  • These women are amazing.

I went into today feeling like doing the same loop four times would be boring, but even on the forth and final climb, Rockstore was anything but dull. #raphatoc is off to a good start.

@bikebeth is 1 of 7 women riding #raphatoc this week. She is woman I’ve been distantly acquainted with for the past few years, and I’m so glad to be able to meet in person. She’s little and likes to ride bikes fast downhill.

Day one: #raphatoc

80 some miles, 9,500’ feet or so of climbing. Here we go!

12 years ago I would never have guessed that this is where @ktonic and I would be, but sometimes surprises are awesome. @cajenk04, we’re coming for you….

@rapha_n_america women’s ambassadors hitting the beach

I swam under the house

Sooo I’m pumped about these @oakley glasses and this @girocycling helmet

13 women on the move and looking awesome