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Hood River Enduro

Last weekend was the first Oregon Enduro Series race in Hood River. For me, it was basically like going for a really awesome group ride where no one in the group has to navigate or deal with logistics. I had a blast riding with some truly amazing ladies but I wouldn’t say I rode my fastest or even felt like I was competing. I have to figure out how to flip that switch and turn it into something more than just a fun group ride if I’m ever going to be competitive in this format of racing. Or I can just keep mountain biking. Either way I’m happy, except for the whole mid-stage-bee-sting thing, that was lame and my leg still hurts. 

Pro ladies all a blur on the final stage of @oregonenduro


The boss of mt biking pinning it into the finish of stage 6

It’s always a good day when I get to ride with @stingey

Here we go! Day two of @oregonenduro

Today’s ride was beautiful, but I failed to take photos of anything other than @youngcynthia ‘s rad van

I’m pumped to ride my bike with some fast ladies tomorrow in Hood River for @oregonenduro!

The rumors are true, the views are awesome from the top of Larch.

Andy Hampsten on the phone wishing us luck

I surprised myself and raced Tabor tonight, am still smiling despite the post race cough and headache. @rcbwomenscycling killed it!

Ladies: we will not be leading a women’s ride from Rapha’s Portland office on Thursday. Instead, we’ll be riding Larch Mountain to commemorate Andy Hampsten’s ride over the Gavia (see @rapha_n_america for details). Feel free to meet at the office and lead your own ride, #womens100 is approaching!


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s first BASE jumping, wingsuit-wearing dog. See the full video of this brave pup soar the skies here. 

If I had to guess, Zoey would be into this. She’s a brave little bitch