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Portland, OR // Riding bikes, playing outside, Z dogs, painting my nails, eating good food and drinking too much coffee.

Snack attack!

Dog friends doing dog stuff


Sometimes, midway through a quickly passing summer that started off full expectations, I am in desperate need of a reset. I’m scattered, stagnant on my bike, tired, and frustratingly bored. Then, along comes Rapha Rising… this silly Strava challenge that for the second year in a row has managed to push me just hard enough and force me to narrow my focus on the essentials in order to finish. As I rest today, I’m tried, but reset and reenergized about what I can do on my bike despite work, life and a occasional lazy streak.

@stickmeona10speed getting ready to freeride (at Silverstar)

Views of Mt Hood, St Helens, Rainer, Adams and a tasty sandwich šŸ‘ (at Silverstar)

Dead burnt toast, as @krasniakjulie would say. I’m done with #rapharising

Pittock Mansion: absolutely one of my favorite climbs on foot, but absolutely one of my least favorite by bike.

Efficiency is key in #rapharising, and while repeats on Old Germantown are an efficient means of racking up elevation, biscuit sandwiches from @commissarycafe are an efficient way to stay full for at least two hours. No food fatigue here!

Not so much of a #tbt because this was just last weekend, but today marks 4 years as a Watson! Happy anniversary @gpwats


#tbt found this great photo (Derek Blagg/MFG) from Star Crossed CX race in Seattle last year. Who knows what Iā€™m saying, but there are some rad ladies in this photo. @abbylwatson @powitzer #speedvagen #breadwinner

Racing is fun with Jen(n)

BRB, I’ll be on a blackberry eating/#rapharising bender in the west hills all week

How about that view?

Portland #womens100 is underway!

Tomorrow! Join me for the Portland #womens100 ride or check out to find a ride near you