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Portland, OR // Riding bikes, playing outside, Z dogs, painting my nails, eating good food and drinking too much coffee.

BRB, I’ll be on a blackberry eating/#rapharising bender in the west hills all week

How about that view?

Portland #womens100 is underway!

Tomorrow! Join me for the Portland #womens100 ride or check out to find a ride near you

Go Zo go!

@gpwats spots Haystack rock

I have Zoey approved #womens100 caps for the first 20 ladies to make it to Rapha on Sunday and stickers for all!

People stuff

We can’t promise sunshine, but we can promise smiles and great views for the Portland #womens100 ride next Sunday!

Summer is hard

Yesterday’s traveling led to 24 hours of daylight, capped off with a killer Portland sunset that I was too tired to really appreciate. It’s good to be home.

Probably the Canadian Rockies

The best Regents Park guides