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If this fast yet smiling group from Sunday’s training ride is any indication, Portland’s #womens100 is going to be awesome. If you’re looking for some miles between now and July 20th, join @speithman on Thursday for a women’s ride (no bag drop this week though)

Air jaws

I forgot my podium outfit. Oops.

CDC made us work for those 20 miles, @stingey on the final climb to Cold Creek.

Snapped my chain within 5 minutes of being on trail today, but was saved by FSA neutral support (Thanks Patrick!) and was able to finish. Time for a new chain, and a master link.

Juneuary mud made for an awesome CX meets MTB adventure in enduro form with @stingey

Essie’s Mojito Madness is still one of my favorite colors

PORTLAND LADIES: allegedly the rain will tapper off throughout the day, so I’m riding if you’re riding this evening at 5:30 from Rapha. Also, #womens100 training ride this Sunday at 9am, meet at River City, ride 50 miles in the west hills.

I have no idea what I’m doing


Nice little video from the Breadwinner crew about the Oregon Outback. 


New shoes with matching socks is good, but it didn’t help me run fast

In good company for Cold Creek and Thrillium today


Women’s 100

I post a lot about women’s 100 with the assumption that people know what I’m on about, but, in case you’re not familiar, here’s what we’re up to: 

"On Sunday 20th July 2014, join thousands of women around the world to ride 100km. A global event, ride on your own or join an organised ride. Rides will be taking place everywhere, including several led by Rapha. Over 4,000 women took part in 2013 — this year we’re aiming to double that number."

If you’re in Portland, reach out and join our ride! Currently, we have the following events going on:

-Weekly: Thursday women’s ride from Rapha’s Portland office at 5:30 

-June 29th: Women’s 100 training ride, start/finish at River City, about 50 miles, plenty of time to ask questions about how to train to ride 100k

-July 20th: Women’s 100! Start at Rapha and ride to Women’s Forum in the Columbia River Gorge. RSVP here