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Portland, OR // Riding bikes, playing outside, Z dogs, painting my nails, eating good food and drinking too much coffee.

Not pictured: coordinating breadwinnercycles cap in just the right blue to match my bike and theathletic galaxy socks

Watch out, cherry.

Early morning CX shred powered by caffeinated Skratch and @breadwinnercycles

The “workout” went as follows: try to smash myself climbing Saltzman because I need some fitness, rally down down FL5 because I like fun, sprint out of the corners going down Leif because otherwise it’s pretty tedious.

Thank you Zoey for peer pressuring me into a long walk tonight

It’s really hard to try to pick up something like skateboarding at 30, and my expectations are minimal. That said, I’m pumped to have successfully rolled this thing to and from dinner this weekend! I’m really quite bad, but it was still faster than walking. As someone that tends to be both impatient and risk adverse, this continues to be good challenge all around.

Picture perfect conditions on St Helen’s today were complimented by the chilliest ride ever with Amy.

Dammit highway 30, you screwed me and my favorite manicure ever.

Also, @rapha hi viz pink bidons look pretty cool in the light

She’s back!

Not the longest or the hardest lunch ride, but certainly one of the most fun.

Commute run + new favorite socks.

Yep, we’re still bad at this

Oh my @nailsyall! @sarebew has some killer Yellowstone themed Old Fiathful and bison nails, and how could I resist a SHARK?

Perfect dirt to shred some road bikes

I’m still psyched about #womens100 you guys. Thank you to everyone who led, rode, organized and supported rides around the world. There were rides in something like 40 countries! | photo @jorda_n_reid