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Saturday: two races, two very dusty faces.

In case I haven’t already said this enough, I had a really great time at Starcrossed on Saturday. Huge thanks to @breadwinnercycles for building me this incredible bike and for encouraging me to take this whole racing thing just seriously enough. Thanks to @jorda_n_reid for the photo and for capturing this weird dust/goth look I had going on.

Hmm, SSCXWC here I come?

Thank you @cascadebicyclestudio for a great event!

@bethannorton with the big check at Starcrossed! Equal payouts 👍

@jeremyddunn making a move at Starcrossed

@jorda_n_reid is hand stamping each espresso cup for starcrossed today. Come say hi!

It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in SSCX, but we’ll see how that plus the elite race feels tomorrow at Starcrossed!


Abby takes night 2 of PDX trophy Cup, thats 2/2 for those of you keeping track at home. 

So dark for those last two laps!

Polka dot madness race nails

Women’s skinny jeans designed for cycling, I’m in love. These are so good.

After watching worlds this morning, we set off in search of Portland’s finest DH trails


@bikrlikr got a little rad at Sandy today

Great riding with you today @johnprolly!