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I hope all these lightning bolts help me go fast!

David Douglas #1: Here’s a new pain face for me, complete with tongue almost lolling. 

Photo: Leonard Johnson

And yet another squeaky toy meets it’s end

@gematkinson sure was giving her smile a workout today! So happy this lady finally made it to Portland and is enjoying the riding.

Its that time again…

Like it or not, CX season is on here in Portland. For the past few years, David Douglas has served as a good reminder of how fun and painful CX really is; today was no exception. I had a really bad start, quickly worked my way up to 3rd, had a great two laps battling for 2nd, then blew up but managed to hang onto 3rd. We had unseasonably cool weather complete with passing showers, a very welcome change from the usual 95 degree dirt crit conditions that we’ve had for this race in the past. Anyways, it was awesome, weather and all. I always enjoy this course and it’s fun to see everyone again.

Here’s to another CX season, full of painful races and seeing nervous but happy friends every weekend.

Team truck


Now that’s a killer cat bed


Not the usual bike industry care package! Thank you @molritt! I’ll be day dreaming about good hair and next weeks manicure for the rest of the day 😍

It’s true (at Chelsea Market)

Work hard, ride home 👌


Broken Teeth And Fake-umentaries: Another Shark Week Gone By

The hit summer series was once observed with some respect by serious members of the scientific community. Through the decades, however, it has devolved into a B-movie-style blend of fiction, bad acting, a few facts and potential injuries to sharks.

In some of the shows, real scientists are featured onboard real research vessels at sea. However, their chief priority, beneath flimsy scientific premises, seems always to be landing sweet video footage of sharks biting stuff.”

Read more at NPR.

It’s true, Shark Week has become something akin to a B movie and it’s such a bummer

Shop class

Hey Zoey, I’m sorry that you’re colorblind because this is ridiculous

Remember these? Thanks for the photo and the reminder of Wisco commutes emmybremer ❤️!