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Portland, OR // Riding bikes, playing outside, Z dogs, painting my nails, eating good food and drinking too much coffee.

What’s this? @earthquaker4 caught racing on the hoods?! Thanks for the photo and the support @breadwinnercycles!


Cross Crusade: Heron Lakes. 

Such a fast, fun day of racing. With CJones taking the win and Julie getting 3rd in the Women’s race. 

photos by Zach Rotstein

Let’s add the Women’s A race to the Breadwinner Vs The Athletic duel! So fun to race with Julie yesterday even if I could only hang for a few laps.


Lady crusher! @abbylwatson rode to a solid 5th today at #heronlakescx #crosscrusade in the women’s A race. Too fast for photos even. She will be at #SSCXWC14 next week! #breadwinning #breadwinnercxteam

Today’s race was made even better by the women I have the privilege to compete against; you all are fantastic. And yes, SSCXWC adventure starts Thursday!

The SS field always puts on a good show at Cross Crusade

Oh my god, shoes.

Let’s go let’s go, J’ai faim!


Stoked on the value of public transportation at 5,600’ (at timberline)

Cheers @jencrombz! I tried to get a good nail photo for you, but it didn’t do my blue polka dot gradient thing justice and the clouds just look confusing.

Pretty excited about our new neighbors


Riding with pals in Forest Park is the best. Especially on Sundays. Especially on Sunny Days. 

A Sunday in Forest Park. 

Forest Park at it’s best

Words of wisdom @attnkatdaley