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Portland, OR // Riding bikes, playing outside, Z dogs, painting my nails, eating good food and drinking too much coffee.

March, 2014 // Syncline, Hidden Valley

After two gel manicures, I’m so happy to get back to my Sunday night ritual

So #cool

Don’t be fooled, she’s thinking evil thoughts of murdering squirrels


Saturday Night Screening! Come check out @vernor’s running film Finding Strong. It’s a wonderful exploration of people, culture and where they meet at the intersection of sport. | 1915 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR. Drinks and conversation with filmmaker Brian Vernor included. | Pass it on, tell your friends it’s gonna be great!

Looking forward to this!


Hi Zoey

Zoey is intimidated by my socks

Zeppo & Gracie, 2009  // Seaside, OR

July 2011 // Gros Ventre Wilderness, WY

New and improved Imperial Works, see you again in July.

International #womens100 strategizing and riding around Regents Park with ridiculous smiles because we’re both stoked on bikes. Always a pleasure to spend time with @gematkinson!

I guess I rode around Hertfordshire this morning, glad I wasn’t navigating.